Since the discovery of X-rays over one hundred years ago, radiation has been used increasingly in medicine both to help with diagnosis (by taking pictures with X-rays) and as a treatment (radiotherapy) for cancer.

The realization that high energy X-rays could be used in the treatment of cancer led to the development of medical Linear Accelerators (LINACs) and since 1960, over 8,000 LINACs have been designed and built around e2v technologies' magnetrons and thyratrons. The next addition to our radiotherapy product range will be a novel compact modulator. Supplied with the magnetron, it will provide a complete RF package and offer possibilities of advanced features for LINACs of the future.

In order to keep up with the demands of this evolving market we maintain close engineering contacts with all equipment manufacturers, which ensure

s optimum performance for your LINAC. This, coupled with our superior technical support, makes ours the products of choice for all LINAC manufacturers and users worldwide.